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Create My Resume


STEP 1: Fill out the online registration form below for the participant.  Upload ONE photo; this photo will be ONLY be seen by the  MCI Event staff for Resume Creating Purposes.

STEP 2:  It Does not matter how much experice you have; the MCI Event staff will create a Professional Resume for Industry Use.  If you have a current resume and you are not happy with it; please upload it in the form below; this is not required.

STEP 3:  After Registering you will receive communication from our Resume Expert via text from 615-881-4391 to discuss further details.

STEP 4:  Congratulations! Your new Industry Resume has been created and ready for your next Modeling or Acting Audition.

STEP 5:  Share this Service with the rest of your Industry Friends!

Create My Industry Resume Registration Form
Upload Resume (Optional)
Upload 1 Photo Only
Submitting For:

Registration fee (one time) to create a Professional Industry Resume is $69.95

Thanks for Registering! You will receive an Introductory text message from the Project Director: 615-881-4391

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