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STEP 1: Fill out the online registration form below for the participant.  Upload ONE photo; this photo will be used and displayed on the MCI Event website for the current Nationwide Online Go-See.

STEP 2:  After the registration form is completed and submitted with a one time registration fee the photo submitted is sent to the  MCI Event Production team.  The photo will be cropped, color corrected, and uploaded to the site.

STEP 3:  You will see your photo displayed on the MCI Event website under the Gallery tab.  During this time many Industry Professionals Nationwide will be viewing and evaluating the photos.

STEP 4:  Throughout the Go-See and thereafter you may receive communication from Agents or other Industry Professionals who will reach out for future representation or job opportunities.

STEP 5:  Upon the conclusion of the Go-See, the Top Noticed Participants will be posted on the MCI Event website and will receive financial compensation from MCI Event.  The results are based on the collaborative feedback from those industry Professionals who are viewing and evaluating the participants photos. 


It is important when uploading your photo to use a photo that represents you and your "on camera" personality.  The Nationwide Online Go-See is NOT based on congeniality; professional photos are not required.   After Registering you will receive a receipt via email confirming your participation.  There is no need to contact MCI Event to confirm.  Read the Q&A page in it's entirety; this page is designed to answer any questions you may have regarding the Go-See Process.  Please note that MCI Event cannot answer any Agency questions; when you are contacted by an Agency all Agency questions must be answered by the Agency only.  After following the simple steps above there is nothing more for you to do!  The MCI Event team takes care of the rest!  You will receive an introductory text from MCI Event after registering. 


The Nationwide Go-See has provided countless opportunities for past and present talent/participants.  Many participants through this process have booked paying jobs and have the representation they have sought after.  The online Go-See allows individuals to get the exposure without the travel; the process is so simple and seamless.  If you are looking to get started in this industry and not sure where to begin "or" if you are experienced and are looking to add to your resume this project is great for you.  All ages of any ethnicity are encouraged to participate; major Industry Groups, Casting Professionals, and Industry Leaders are looking for new faces with great on-camera personality.  Whether you are a model or an actor there is a huge range of paying roles in the industry that need to be filled.  The Industry Professionals who view the Online Go-See Gallery look for those individuals to fill a wide range of roles.  Again, this is not a photogenic project; the goal and objective is to provide individuals from all walks of life whether big or small, short or tall, young or old to get the exposure to fulfill these roles.


The Deadline to register for the Current Nationwide Go-See is April 9th.  No further participation will be allowed after this date.

Go-See Project Dates

The Project will take place online via the MCI Event website from Feb. 14th - April 9th

The selected individuals who will receive accolades will be posted on the MCI Event website on April 12th

Online Go-See Registration Form
Upload Resume (Optional)
Upload 1 Photo Only
Submitting For:

Registration fee (one time) for the current Online Go-See is $19.95

Thanks for Registering! You will receive an Introductory text message from the Project Director: 615-881-4391

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