Slate Your Name


Knowing how to Slate your Name is a very important part when going to an audition; you will be asked to Slate your name in front of the Casting Directors. 


For THIS Project you will want to look into your smart phone’s camera.  Make sure to Smile. State your name, the state you're from, as well as your passion or interests. 


Very important: Do not add any additional information. This video should be very short, only a few seconds long. Once you finish recording, upload your video to TikTok or YouTube.    


View the video below for an example submission

See quick and easy!


Anyone may submit for this project, even the young ones. Just have the parent hold the child and the parent can Slate the Child's Name,  the State the Child is from, and the Child's Interest or Hobby.


Once you finish your video, go to the registration page and fill out the Registration form.  You will see a place at the bottom of the form to upload your video link. 


One Lucky Participant will be selected to have a Personal and Direct Online Communication Session With Celebrity Acting Coach, Bob Luke From NYC!


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STEP 1: Read the Project Tutorial at the top of the page to learn how to create a "Slate" video. 

STEP 2: Upload your video to TikTok or YouTube to create a URL link.

STEP 3:  Register for the Online Slate Your Name Project.   Fill out the Form Below to upload your Slate and a Photo of your choice.  Please note:  Both the Photo and the Video will be published publicly in a Gallery on our website; this will allow for maximum exposure.

STEP 4:  You will be able to view your Slate and Picture from the Gallery once it is published by our Production team.  Simply Pan over your Gallery Photo to see the Slate link.

STEP 4:  Congratulations! Your Industry Slate link has been posted and is ready for All Industry Leaders to view.

STEP 5:  Share this Service with the rest of your Industry Friends!  

Note: The Selected Individual to meet with Bob Luke for a Personal and Direct Online Communication Session will be posted to the website on Wednesday, December 14th.  Registration will expire Sunday, December 11th. No further entries will be allowed after this date. 

"Slate Your Name" Registration Form
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Registration fee (one time) for the current Slate Your Name Project is $29.95

Thanks for Registering! You will receive an Introductory text message from the Project Director: 615-881-4391