National 'Leap Into Spring'

Photogenic Contest

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       MCI's National          'Leap Into Spring' 

Photogenic  Contest

How To Enter:  All Participants will be selected from an online screening process through PSP Casting.  Only if chosen by the Casting company will you be given the opportunity to Compete.

How To Submit Through PSP Casting: Go to fill out the online submission form.  Submit only 1 photo of your choice.  This photo MUST be that of your child.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  This will be the photo that will be used for the Online Photogenic Contest IF selected to participate.  The casting will close at the end of the day on Wednesday, April 1st.

Where Does The Contest Take Place: The Photo Contest is online and DOES NOT require any travel

I Was Selected To Participate What Do I Do Next: Congratulations! You must now Register your child at  Once you register, your child's photo will be sent to MCI from PSP Casting.  The MCI Production Department will Crop and Color Correct your child's photo.  The picture of your child will then be uploaded to the MCI event website; the picture will be visible for family and friends as well as National Agents to view.

How Does The Contest Work: All Participants will be viewed and judged by Industry Professionals as well as National Agents.  Top Finalists will receive payment compensation.  All of our participating National Agents will be able to view the National "Leap Into Spring' Contest Photo Gallery.  If an agent(s) or an approved Industry Leader is interested in working with you and your child they will contact you directly by email.  To read further details and Register click on the links below.

Featured talent

Introducing Tirth Gandhi, MCI's current Featured Talent.  He was selected from numerous children who auditioned for our National Online 'Springs In Bloom' Marketing Campaign.  To learn more on how to become MCI's next Featured Talent click on the box below.

A Special Thanks to our Top Qualifiers from the 'Springs In Bloom' Audition.  

Stay Tuned for the Next Featured Talent Posting!!! 

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