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"Seeking Talent"


Model Agencies and Casting Directors seek talent through the Go See process for Industry Jobs and Opportunities.  Be the Talent that is sought after in this National Online process.  No travel or in person interview is required to participate.  Register now to secure your online profile.  Please note that the registration period for this project will not be open long.  Early action will put you at the top of the Online industry Gallery.

All Photo Submissions received through the registration process will be publicly displayed via the MCI Event website for exposure.


If the participant is under the age of 18, Only the parent is allowed to submit their child.


Multiple participants are paid! Top Noticed Participants will receive financial compensation from MCI Event.


To submit, you must click on the provided website link and fill out the registration form in its entirety.


You will see a "Register Now" button at the end of the online registration form.


For further information and details regarding this project; read the "Requirements", "Tips", and "Recruitment Awareness" sections also located on the register page.


DISCLAIMER: The photo you submit through the online registration form WILL be the photo displayed for the online Go-See. Professional photos are not required. This is not a membership.

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