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Countless paid jobs are posted Nationwide everyday! This online Agent Go-See allows Industry Executives, Casting Directors & Brand Advertising Affiliates to see 'fresh new faces and talent' while seeking unique personalities & interesting characteristics. Participation in this Go-See project is 'essential' to be considered by these Industry Professionals. Get noticed immediately by registering now. The process is easy, quick and 100% online. (Limited participation only) 

All Photo Submissions received through the registration process will be publicly displayed via the MCI Event website for agent and industry exposure.

We have provided a great Q&A page that answers most all frequently asked questions. Please read those questions and answers. You will find the Q&A page under the Go-See tab. It's super useful!

To submit, you must click on the provided website link and fill out the registration form in its entirety.


You will see a "Register Now" button at the end of the online registration form.


For further information and details regarding this project; read the "Requirements", "Tips", and "Our Goal for YOU" sections also located on the register page.


DISCLAIMER: The photo you submit through the online registration form WILL be the photo displayed for the online Go-See. Professional photos are not required. This is not a membership.

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